It’s Cold, You’re Tired, U Can’t Be Arsed..


After all it’s winter, not always the most inspiring time to train..

Your tired, it’s raining, you have a bad finger, your favourite program is on, your trainers are wet, the moon is full, you haven’t got a bobble, you have broken your pelvis (maybe a valid reason), whatever the reason you just don’t feel like training.

The solution is to improvise with a bobble etc etc and go anyway BUT ONLY to do a 10 min warm up.  Now you can handle that surely.  Just get a grip, look the full moon square on in the face, record your program and get going.  At the time don’t think too much, as my magic trick won’t work and you will just sit down to a sugary dinner.

Do your warm up and if you still feel like crap go home or do a light extended warm up for as long as you can last.  9 times out of 10 though you will start to feel more motivated or up for it (the technical term). Maybe stirring up and flushing out some of the chemicals which are making you feel gloomy will allow you to go on to have a great session. It is amazing what a bit of movement can do for your mental state.

The important thing is you continue to get some in, it is about consistency with training, you need to be persistent with being consistent and not duck out of sessions willy nilly.  By doing just a warm up / short session, then you are keeping in with the habit and re-enforcing it.

If you are still consistently missing sessions then you can look at other options, maybe get yourself in with a group for the peer pressure effect or get a local PT to drag you out of bed or simply reassess when and how you train.  Maybe a better time for you to train  is first thing before work, rather than being so mentally knackered after a hard day that you can’t find the motivation.

‘Rob’, I hear you cry.. ‘But I really really can’t be arsed!’ 

Well maybe you need to address how you train,  make the pill easier to swallow, break down your sessions into smaller chunks.  If you feel over faced with a 1 hr session, then look at 30 min, 20 min or even 10 min.  Now come on, you can do 10 min (you can nearly hold your breath for that long).  Just put more effort in and do these shorter sessions more frequently, once your endorphines start kicking in you will naturally feel like doing more.

Another option is set yourself a challenge which you HAVE to train for, sign up for something which requires you to be in better shape than you’re currently in, make it known to your friends (if you have any), pay out some money (if you have any), do it for charity, whatever pressure you can attach to make you feel bad for not carrying it through when the time comes.  Don’t make it next week and too easy, it needs to be far enough away and hard enough that you have to train for some considerable time for it.

If you still can’t be arsed, then (with me getting close to running out of options for you now) do something you enjoy which happens to get you in shape whilst doing it.  You loved netball at school, then join a team, you loved being chased at school – rob a bank.  Errm, you loved china dolls, eating contests and morris dancing – then you’re a freak, but there is still hope.  You get the idea, just something which involves proper movement. What ever you do, just throw yourself into it, maximise the movement.  If you play golf, then carry your bag (I know your game will go down the tubes but least you will live longer to play more), if you fish only go for fish heavier than yourself or maybe a more practical choice, fish secluded places, which you can only get to with a long walk.  If you love china dolls see how many you can pick up and hug at once and repeat it a lot.

If you still can’t be arsed then for £x per minute you can call me for a scheduled quick motivational chat to give you a verbal kick up the backside.  This wasn’t meant to be a pitch but just came to me at the end, it’s not a bad idea and it’s on the table if you need it – just click here   I’ll even put on a foreign accent and keep you on hold for ages, if you want the BT experience.