Rob Edmond Talks Cake, Cake And More Cake

Cake Is Great!  It’s a really good way to get a high amount of concentrated calories in you per gram and it has a good shelf life because its packed with sugar and/or other preservatives so stores well in your pocket.   I used to eat a lot of fruitcake in the mountains to keep me going, but I was generally burning 1000 calories per hour and had to carry all the food I needed on me, so weight to calorie ratio was important.   So if you’re  into your endurance then it is worth considering as a replacement to synthetic gels etc which can have a lot of sweeteners and other nasties in there.   A good home made fruit & nut cake (no icing) with all natural ingredients is a mega survival / endurance food.   It has a great mix of carbs, protein and fat which are absorbed at different rates to give you long lasting energy.    As with any high sugar substances, don’t start eating/drinking them until your well into your activity and starting to feel a dip in energy, as the high sugar content will be overkill in the initial stages and produce the adverse effect.

HOWEVER.. the next time you are offered cake, before accepting it have a good look around..  if you are not half way up a mountain, running an ironman, deep in the Alaskan wilderness struggling to survive (on the squirrel you caught 2 days ago) then..


Most people who will be offered a cake tomorrow are not up to their waste in snow or breathing that hard their lungs are trying to pop out.. they are surrounded by desks, paper, computers.  You don’t need cake to type you know!  There are far better food sources for you for that activity.

Ok, so I am lucky I would  much prefer some meat rather than a cake and I appreciate so many of you cake eaters love the taste.   So what do you do, it is hard to resist the Cake Merry Go Round or what ever you call it.    But I can help you,  this has been well researched and proven to work, choose out of these few options, some of them may be more feasible and realistic according to your circumstances.

When next offered or tempted to buy cake, try one or more of the following:

Trap your little finger in the nearest door.   The pain will take your mind off the cake and you will be distracted for long enough for the craving to subside.  Plus the negative association of pain with cake, will after a few goes put you right off them.  Note: If you are already missing both little fingers then you have to move up to your nearest digit and if you are missing all your digits, then you deserve a break so just have the cake.

Rub the cake in your face or the face of the person who is offering it you.   This will cause you multiple problems depending on where you are and who offered it you (Similar reasoning to trapping your little finger in the nearest door).

Buy it / accept it and then throw it into the nearest bin.  Do it really quickly before you think too much, it will be a complete waste but do this often enough and you will stop buying it and/or they will stop offering it you.  No cake lover likes to see wasted cake!

Wean yourself off sugar. Get rid of your sugary foods, start cutting down on your sugar intake.  When you have cut it right down you will crave it less and less, your taste buds will start to appreciate the slightest sweetness, to the extent that high sugar items will taste sickly.  This takes effort but is far less painful.  In the beginning take the cake, eat a small bit and throw the majority in the bin.  You are in this for the long haul and have probably been eating crap for decades so no need to rush the process into one day.  But you have to be consistent and persistent, you should be able to do it in a month.

Take less and less sugar in your drinks,  STOP having low sugar branded drinks which have sweeteners in instead (they are worse for you in many ways and can actually make you crave cake you know!).  Just go pure, eat/drink substances with simple ingredients which are naturally low in sugar and not as sweet.  Eat starters not deserts.  Go savoury where ever you can.

Give yourself a month and if you haven’t achieved anything significant, then when the cake girl next comes calling, get your little finger to the nearest door hinge fast!


Rob Edmond

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